Technical Data

Natural Mentha Piperita Oil

CAS Number: 84082-70-2

EINECS / ELINCS: 282-015-4


90% Minimum L-Carvone Content

80% Minimum L-Carvone Content

70% Minimum L-Carvone Content

60% Minimum L-Carvone Content

Physical Property

Organoleptic Properties


The Mentha Piperita Oil that we offer is extracted from the Indian Piperita Oil through the method of fractional distillation. The original plant from which we obtain our oil is cultivated in India and is completely natural distinguished by its purity.

The Mentha Piperita Oil finds extensive usage in the pharmaceutical and flavour industry. It has highly valuable medicinal properties and is considered as an excellent flavouring agent because of its appealing smell.

It can be used in numerous forms like oil, leaf, leaf extract and leaf water. Also called Pepper Mint oil it has various usages like a solution to cough, cold and respiratory infections. Moreover it has a vast number of domestic and industry uses and thus widely in demand. The offered oil is compliant in prevailing industry standards.

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