Technical Data

Natural Menthol Crystals

CAS Number: 2216-51-5 ; 89-78-1

EINECS / ELINCS: 218-690-9 ; 201-939-0


Organoleptic Properties


Menthol crystal is solid crystalline substance, obtained from Mentha Arvensis herb plant by steam distillation process. The distillation process yields pure menthol as fraction which is slowly cooled and then crystallized.

The refreshing aroma and sweet taste has make the crystals widely used in pharmaceutical, confectionary, cosmetic & perfumery industries. The unmatched quality and high properties have played vital role in the enhancement of the domestic as well as international demand.

Rishabh Aromatics is a renowned menthol crystals manufacturers and supplier based in India. We provide Menthol of all grades BP/USP/EP/JP and in all quality large, medium, fine and Melted

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